So Sweet

"So Sweet" Rare NFT by Major Cineplex is part of "The Pop Gang" collection created by illustration artist Viput Asawavetvutt A.K.A. Viput A. <br> </br> Ms. Popcorn depicted in the illustration is that one sweet girl in the group. Smooth and sweet streaks of brown caramel drips around Ms. Popcorn to form her dress. Viput A. was inspired by the vibrant boxes of popcorn typically found at the cinema, adding a sense of whimsical fun to the characters. Always with a smile on her face, Ms. Popcorn is elegant and fun, just like caramel flavoured popcorn! <br> </br> Unlock benefits at Major Cineplex with this Rare NFT <br> </br> • X1 Movie ticket (standard system, normal seat)<br> </br> • X2 Buy 1 get 1 free movie tickets (standard system, normal seat)<br> </br> • X1 Soft drink, 44 oz.<br> </br> Available for use at all Major Cineplex branches, *terms and conditions apply

The Pop Gang
Minted on: 13th Jun 2022
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