Say Cheese!

"Say Cheese!" Super Rare NFT by Major Cineplex is part of "The Pop Gang" collection created by illustration artist Viput Asawavetvutt A.K.A. Viput A. <br> </br> The "Popcorn King" depicted in the illustration is funky and cool just like salty and unctuous cheese flavoured popcorn. This favourite flavour amongst movie-goers is the king of all popcorns, illustrated by the cape and crown Viput A. ilustrated over Popcorn King's head. <br> </br> Unlock benefits at Major Cineplex with this Super Rare NFT <br> </br> • X2 Movie ticket (all systems ex. VIP Screen & Screen X/normal seat) <br> </br> • X1 Pair of VIP movie tickets at Paragon Cineplex, Icon Cineconic, Quartier Cineart (2 seats) <br> </br> • X3 Invite to join "Exclusive Movie Preview" (2 seats/movie preview) <br> </br> • Invite to join Major Cineplex's special events all year <br> </br> • X1 Soft drink, 44 oz. <br> </br> • X1 Box of popcorn, 85 oz. <br> </br> Available for use at all Major Cineplex branches, *terms and conditions

The Pop Gang
Minted on: 13th Jun 2022
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