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Community Guidelines

Zixel NFT Platform 

Community Guidelines

last updated on: [Feb 3rd] (version:1)


  • About these Community Guidelines

      1. These Community Guidelines describe the standards of behaviour expected of everyone in the Zixel community.  Zixel expects each member to take responsibility to build together a healthy and inclusive environment by contributing in positive ways and sharing perspectives that can benefit and improve the community and ecosystem that Zixel is developing.  Zixel also aims to provide a platform where digital artists, other creators and collectors come together to share their passion and digital work.  These Community Guidelines have been written to help realise that vision by setting out certain key expectations for members who engage in the Zixel community.  We are committed to working with you to put the principles set out in these Community Guidelines into practice.  

      2. Zixel stresses that community members who express hate speech or threats of violence towards other members or Zixel staff will not be tolerated and may result in an immediate ban on Zixel Platform and/or social media channels.  Zixel may also restrict or limit your access to your Accounts.  

      3. Your use of the Zixel Platform is subject to your compliance with these Community Guidelines and Zixel’s Terms of Service (available

      4. Capitalised words and other defined terms used in this document are defined in Zixel’s Terms of Service.

  • Be respectful

To create the community we envision, all members of the community must respect one another and practice that respect.  Differences of opinion are part of any diverse group of individuals.  However, all interactions should be conducted in a polite, constructive and open-minded way which fosters an inclusive community of digital work enthusiasts.

  • No harassment, hate speech and violence

Do not attack, harass, impersonate, intimidate, threaten violence or use hateful or derogatory speech against any member of the Zixel community.  Zixel will not tolerate attacks or harassment based on any distinguishable background of an individual (including race, ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, spirituality, disability, disease, age, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity).  Individuals who persistently engage in this behaviour are not welcome in the Zixel community.

  • Don’t choose hate

Do not use hate speech or any symbols which represent or are associated with hateful or discriminatory beliefs.  Do not promote, support, or glorify hateful or extremist ideologies, including views associated with racist myths or other terrorist groups.

  • Respect privacy

Respect other people’s privacy and protect your own.  Do not publicly share information that is private or which personally identifies you or any other member of the Zixel community. This includes personal contact details and private communications (including private communications between you and Zixel).

  • Respect creators

Respect creators and their invaluable contributions to the Zixel community.  Zixel supports respectful differences of opinions on digital work creators and pieces of art or work.  However, you should not disparage or target a digital work creator in an attempt to interfere with their ability to promote or sell their work, regardless of whether or not you enjoy that work.

  • Don’t spam

The Zixel Platform is not a place for anyone to post unsolicited or repetitive ads for products or services.  Do not use the Zixel Platform for spamming purposes.

  • Don’t hack or exploit

Zixel has spent a substantial amount of time and effort developing its systems and Services.   However, no technology is completely immune to the risk of exploitation and blockchain technology is in its experimental stage.  Individuals who use the Zixel Platform should not attempt to exploit, hack, circumvent, or spam any aspect of the Platform.

  • Respect intellectual property rights

      1. The digital work featured on the Zixel Platform is meant to be genuine and original.  Creators who use the Zixel Platform agree that the digital work they provide is their original work or that they have the necessary rights to offer the work on the Zixel Platform.  

      2. You should not reproduce, copy, publish, display, perform, distribute or communicate any digital work featured on the Zixel Platform without permission.

      3. All NFTs embed certain intellectual property rights.  These are not absolute.  You must respect the terms of each licence.  

  • Be fair

      1. The integrity of the Zixel Platform relies on all members engaging in honest, open, and fair market activity.  You must not engage in or encourage sham transactions, wash trading, fraud, price pumping, price-fixing, sham bidding or any other form of market manipulation or Anticompetitive Conduct.  

      2. Without limiting these general principles, you must not sell any NFTs to yourself, create fake Accounts to bid on NFTs or transfer NFTs to another individual with the aim of influencing the price of an NFT or the NFTs of a particular Creator.

  • Follow the law

Zixel supports creative expression but not illegal behaviour.  It is your responsibility to know and abide by the laws and regulations that apply to your use of the Zixel Platform.

  • Let us know

Let us know if you think the Zixel NFT platform is being misused.  You can contact us at [email protected] 

These Community Guidelines may change.  Please consult the latest version when using the platform.


Last Updated: June 2, 2022